Dragons and Nazguls

Hello World!

Yes, I suppose I always begin my posts with the heading,”Hello World,” but it gives me a fresh start and enthusiasm to write for all you beloved readers. Anyhow, I was unsure of what to write about today and my mind seemed, well, sort of blank. I just sat there with an empty mind; brainstorming a good topic. Until – light bulb!

I got it seemed to pop into my head and I listened for what my brain had just thought up. Courage. Well, it’s worth a shot, but I’m not sure how I will blog about courage. We don’t fight dragons or face persecution everyday. But then I thought twice as my brain waited for an answer. I suppose we do fight our own dragons in every day situations. Not real dragons, of course, but spiritual ones perhaps even some that suck you dry (click here for that post)! I was pondering how I would explain this, but spiritual dragons can bring beauty (bare with me here, I am far from done). I mean, if we think about this, just for one moment, don’t bad situations turn into good? For example:

You have a fight with your mother and you stomp off and shut the door to your room (this is a dragon). You may not see it, but this “fight” is being used, by the Father, to strengthen you and your mom’s relationship. Let me explain how. You tell your mom how you feel,”You hurt my feelings,” and she tells you how much you hurt her. You say sorry and hug. You just found out what your mom is hurt by and you won’t do it again. Perfect example of dragons making beauty.

So, if you follow me (if you don’t read the story of Joseph in Genesis), I have another way that this example could’ve turned for the worst.

After you go to your room and shut the door, you decide to never speak to your mom and say to yourself,”No one understands me and boo hoo me.”

This is not having the courage to do what’s right and do what is in your own comfort zone (click here for that post). You just, as I like to say,”Slip on the Ring.” This saying of mine comes from one of my favorite parts in the Lord of the Rings. It’s the scene where Frodo “Slips on the Ring.” He is faced with a temptation to turn invisible because there are five ringwraiths all around him. He decides to go the easy way and slips on the ring. I won’t say what happens next in case you haven’t read the book (but if you have, see the you tube video below).

So, with that said, when you are faced with a challenge (it doesn’t have to be something huge), have courage and do what’s right. Christ did the hard thing. He came and died for you and me. He could have said,”Just forget it,” but he didn’t. He went the long way around and gave us life – eternal life to be exact.

So long,

Emily B. 🙂

P.S. This video always gives me the chills. You might want to have your parents see it first. But, it is a great scene 😀 .


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