A Joshua 1:9 Day


Hello, World!

Today I have a tremendous account for you to reflect on and that I hope you find it encouraging.

On Monday, January 22nd, I went to the barn to work out my horse: Sunny. I was confident, proud, and ready to establish a relationship and authority with this fifteen hundred pound animal.

Sunny was looking eagerly through the bars on his stall as if to say,” Alright! What’ll we do today?” I opened the heavy metal door and slid the lead rope over his neck and tied the halter around his neck. I led Sunny to the wash-stall and secured his splint and bell boots correctly and led him out to the round pen.

It was here that I made the worst mistake.

I threw the lead rope at Sunny’s rear and it hit it hard. He bucked and the lead rope plus lots of dust hit my face – hard. I was scared and stunned.

“That’s it,” I thought to myself and had Sunny meet me in the center of the pen and I tied the halter around his head and led him back to the wash stall.

Still angry that I hit him on the rump, Sunny’s teeth were bared and he hit me in the nose. I felt like yelling,”Okay! I get you’re mad at me!” But, it’s too bad horses don’t speak English.

I groomed him down and took him to his stall to eat his final feeding of alfalfa/hay. He eagerly sniffled and snuffed as I put his blanket on and as he ate with unusual speed.

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go back. I was nervous that he would be aggressive to me again. I had to establish an authority and leadership.

The Lord reminded me saying:

Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.

Isaiah 43:18

What happened with Sunny was simply a fresh start. I had to go back. I had to hop on his back this time and show him that I am the leader; not him.

I love the smell of laser sheen, and the barn seemed to comfort me as I looked at Sunny’s stall. He was peeking out and staring at me with his large horse eyes. I looked back, and his face seemed to say,”You’re back again?” But my face said,”Yes, I am.”

Sunny was cooperative and let me fasten the halter over his head and let me lead him to the wash stall to put on his splint and bell boots just like before.

My heart was thumping loud, and I wondered if the others boarding their horses could hear it inside of my chest. I led my horse to the round pen and his hears turned this way and that; nervously. “It’s ok, boy. Let’s just forget about yesterday like it never happened,” I said as I petted his poll (between his ears).

I slipped off his halter and he resumed the path and trotted along:

The lunging was the part I dreaded most, since that was when he had almost kicked me. But, the Lord was with me all the way and neither me, nor Sunny was hurt.

Me picking out Sunny's hooves
Me picking out Sunny’s hooves

The next step was to ride; unfortunately mom took all the riding pictures on her big camera and haven’t had time to upload them yet. I was ready after an hour of warming up! Sunny was cheerful and I think he got the message.

So, what is the point, you ask? To get back up and show whatever you’re dealing with that you and Your Creator are the boss of it. I think Sunny respects me and he knows that the Creator of both of us wants peace between his most precious creations.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can be free and have dominion in Christ because he tells us to conquer our fears; not run away.


Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

I stepped back into that barn because Christ is my authority:


And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying,”All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.”

Matthew 28:18


So long,
Emily 😀