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Today I have come to help reveal the hidden talent of two incredible musicians! I have always followed Joy Clarkson’s blog and have always loved the songs she has made on her Joy-tunes page (click here for that) and I really was not surprised when her and her musical genius brother Joel have created and are about to release their new album! I have been assigned to give a review of their album and I intend to do just that :).

Describing the album in three words is difficult, but I finally narrowed it down to my favorites: inspiring, musically balanced, and beautiful. Personally, my favorite song was “Blind”. When I first heard Blind, I was driven to joy and my soul thrived off the words. My favorite line is: “Or maybe I’m crazy for thinking someone could love me for me.” It’s really a beautiful statement especially for women because we constantly change who we are to gain attention and love. The melodies are gorgeous and I especially loved the piano and guitar. I would highly recommend this album for it’s inspiring lyrics and soothing melodies! Well done Joy and Joel! Can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for you both!

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