Hope Where There is None

***Ask your parent to read this first :)*** Hi! If you know me well, you know that I am passionate about few things. The first is Christ and the second is riding my 4 legged friends, but you may not know the third. I am passionate about helping sexually abused and trafficked girls. What really... Continue Reading →

The Swift Flowing Current of Grace

Hello, world! Today is Wednesday at 5:14 PM, which is the weirdest time I've ever written and published a post. Well, I'm writing right now...it's not technically published yet. But, when you read it, it will be (hehehehehe). Anyway, I'm posting, so that's the big picture. 🙂 Have you ever felt like you're so filled... Continue Reading →

Rabshakehs, Doves, and Foggy Days

Hello, world! I am doing fairly well today. I woke up to one of the best Colorado climates I love: Fogginess! Days (especially Fridays) like this only mean certain things: hours on Wii U, hours in front of the sewing machine, LOTR and Hobbit and Star Wars marathons, popcorn, plus playing Arwen's Vigil and other... Continue Reading →

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