The Example In Christ and Esther’s Cousin

Hello, world!

I actually noticed today that when I say “hello world” at the beginning of every post, I’m not saying it to the world. Just a few followers (6) and a couple friends who view it now and then. But, listen up you 6+ people! I have a message today that should be for the whole world…if only UN could put it on their Facebook (do they even have one?) for all the nations to see :P.

I am in the book of Esther this month (I started from Genesis about this time last year…O_0) and I have to say that it is my most favorite book in the Bible. Hearing about a girl with the courage of a lion; she was probably a teenager when she was taken to the king. Although the book is titled Esther and focuses mostly on her actions, the author seems to forget to mention the other hero who is clearly an unsung one. Esther’s cousin who adopted her: Mordecai.

Mordecai was brave and dared to be different. He boldly disobeyed the king’s command to bow down to Haman and pay homage to him when all the other king’s officials went right along with what he was doing.

It’s kind of like everyday situations where everyone does one thing and you choose to do what no one else does. That’s the “revolutionary” message I have declared to you today.

But I’m not done.

Yesterday I had the bestest time with some girls in my HOME 13+ group and we made pumpkin pies together! It was the funnest time I’ve had with these awesome friends.


Although these girls and I have lots in common and have such fun together, we all have our differences. Some of us like Agents of Shield, while others (including me) are more into Doctor Who. I like Star Wars but some girls are more Star Trek.  We all have our differences and we dare to be different and stay true to the qualities Christ put in us.


As I grow more and more into a young lady (14 in February eek), my life comes to turning points and choices are made. The culture says that during your teen years you have to “live it up” and “party before you’re old.” To seize my teen years is one of the best things Christ would want. Millions of girls fall into temptation and break their purity before marriage. Abortions are performed, drugs are smoked, alcohol is drunk, and life is painful. Why do these things happen to so many teens? Because they go with the culture. It’s what everyone does is what I hear and say at times to my parents. We were called to be different. If we just followed the crowd and did what everyone else does, what point would we be proving for Christ? What purpose? If Christians are just like everyone else, then are we really set apart?

All the nations in the world borrow at least once in their existence. Except Israel. Israel is different because God told them not to borrow money but to lend it. Thus, Israel is one of the rare nations that’s not in debt trillions of dollars. People live disgusting lifestyles and I choose not to because Christ has called us not to. So I pray to the Holy Spirit for the guidance I need to resist temptations and sin.

See now why it’s revolutionary? I believe that Christ has set us apart so we can serve him and be like him. He is our example. Would Jesus smoke? Would Jesus do drugs? Would Jesus cut himself due to anger? I think not. I must admit I have been tempted to rip into myself after a huge mistake.

It takes courage to be different. It takes bravery to be different. It’s tough, but it’s worth it.

That is my message today. Don’t bow down to the Haman of your life. Dare to be different! Dare to live for Christ. Dare to be set apart.

All for now,

Emily 😛

2 thoughts on “The Example In Christ and Esther’s Cousin

  1. I love you beautiful princess! Keep your eyes and mind on Christ and let him blow your socks off at the path he has for you if you st and strong in Him, in obedience! Remember you’re royalty, you are worthy in Him!

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