Merely Human

  Make them tremble in fear, O LORD. Let the nations know they are merely human. - Psalm 9:20 (NLT) My existence is an act of compassion. My existence is an act of kindness. My existence is a work of God.   When I was born 14.25 years ago, a destiny was written. A life... Continue Reading →

Know God, Know Identity

It's like an issue. A girl issue. A "who I am" issue. I never really thought about it too much up until I turned 13. I started to take less pictures and cut myself out of videos. I didn't like my voice, my hair. I wanted to be someone else. It was an identity issue.... Continue Reading →

When God Speaks

The cards couldn't have come at a better time to match my circumstances. The day had been a tearful one, and I sat sighing and sobbing in my over sized lime green moon chair. I usually talk out loud to God, but on that day I felt like a lunatic - talking to nothing but... Continue Reading →

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