When God Speaks


The cards couldn’t have come at a better time to match my circumstances.

The day had been a tearful one, and I sat sighing and sobbing in my over sized lime green moon chair. I usually talk out loud to God, but on that day I felt like a lunatic – talking to nothing but open space and blank walls. I didn’t really know how to express myself. “God, I know you’re there, but sometimes I wonder if you’re not! I don’t understand myself today. I feel strange; different from all the times we’ve spent together. It seems odd talking out loud. Are you really there listening? Sometimes I feel awkward  for speaking out loud. I know you’re listening, but are you listening?” I felt foolish for my talk to God. Knowing He’s there one minute then asking Him if He’s there the next. I think God knew I was walking around in the dark, too. And then Mom called me. She was cleaning out the measuring spoon/cup drawer and had found a card with a name for God and a scripture on it:


The Lord is Present

“My Presence shall go with you and I will give you rest.”

– Exodus 33:14

After I read the card, I ran downstairs, collapsed in my oversized lime green moon chair and wept at my stupidity and for joy – God had spoken to me! His voice echoed through the words on that card. I still felt strange, and once again I told Him. I think He probably laughed in heaven at my childish unbelief. As if He said,”Still don’t believe Me, huh? Well, then, watch this!” No later had Mom called me up again to get two more cards! On one was written:

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

– Isaiah 40:31

The second card had another name for God and another scripture, but on the left side, in red pen, was written the words: Emily, remember this always 🙂 . And I didn’t add the happy face – that was there, too. The inscription on the card read:

God Almighty

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”

-Luke 1:37

After reading these cards, I wept – this time purely for joy! God had seen my pain, my confusion, and frustration, and He spoke to me through the words on those cards! I was speechless for a while and just sat in that big green chair pondering to myself. And repeating in my head,”God just spoke to me!” I heard Hebrews 13:5b echo in my head after a while and I knew that God had and still has my back. Those cards are so special to me that I’ve put them in my Journal (the same on I wrote about in this post; click HERE for that) so all my children can see them and for those moments of doubt (that I know I’ll have ’cause nobody’s perfect) to remind myself that my God is always listening.

Ever since that moment in my moon chair, cards in hand, I have never thought the same way about prayer. It’s a whole new door for me. I like to put it this way:

“Imagine your favorite movie star/celebrity texts you and says,’Hey, I’m going to be in your city next month and have some free time on the 25th. How about coffee at Starbucks down the road?’ You are thrilled because you get to have coffee and a conversation with her/him! When you get there, you sit down and wait for your host to arrive. When she/he does, you have a long talk. After three to six hours, he/she has to leave because he’s/she’s late for an audition or something of that ilk ;). You wish it doesn’t have to end. You sigh and let him/her go their way and head home with a bunch of pictures to post on social media bragging about spending the day with a big star.”

As awesome as that would seem, prayer isn’t anything close to it!

Let’s imagine something else for a minute: Imagine that instead of an awesome celebrity like Ree Drummond (you rock), Jesus Christ shows up and asks you to coffee. Jesus Christ! Like, the God and author of all creation that made you and breathed life into you with His own nose and made you with HIS OWN TWO HANDS!?!? And Him, the author of everything wants to talk to you and hear how you feel about ___you fill in the blank_____ and _______. He wants to be able to tell you how much He loves you and cares for you and that He loves you so freakin’ much that He died for you; then rose again back to life after three days in the grave conquering Satan’s little wimpy butt! Right now I’m typing really fast due to Holy Spirit adrenaline pumpin’ through my veins. Anyway, that’s who wants to talk to You.

God has spoken to me many different ways.

Through dreams (hence that last post 😛 ), my parents, friends, but the most common place that He speaks to me is through the Bible.

Sometimes people don’t get it when I say that “God spoke to me through the Bible about…” But if you read it closely, and carefully, God has a message for each of us for us to read on that day and to live out. That’s why we read our Bibles every morning with a cup of tea and Yiruma/Piano Guys Music! Because God’s got something to say. He always does. Question is, though, are you listenin’?


Emily 😛

Here’s another really fun poll 🙂 Also, I’d like to announce that this is the 50th post on this here blog!! Praise God it’s lasted this long… 😉

3 thoughts on “When God Speaks

  1. Emily, that was an awesome post! You’re becoming a beautiful young lady that walks in Spirit and Truth – keep those eyes on Jesus and you’ll never go astray love bug! Mommy is proud of you – always!! It’s not tough going through teen years, but with Jesus – all beauty is possible!

  2. oops, forgot to log you off Emmy! Mommy made a boo boo, but anyway 🙂 – That message was from me! 🙂

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