Laugh at the Days to Come

Hey guys! Today I am going to post! Yes, I am. I haven’t posted in a long while, and I’ve come down with another serious case of BPS again like that one time (click HERE for that). But, that just means that God’s got something awesome talk about through me today.

So, here goes.

I’m currently writing a story with a girl I met over social media named Elle. We’ve been writing a story POV style over email about two elves named Eliath and Calathiel. My elf name is Eliath and her’s is Calathiel. We started writing the story about less than a month ago and it already has 14 pages combined! We’ve been having a lot of fun writing it together and we’ve been praying for each other and encouraging each other while we’ve been at it. But something in our story really caught my eye that I thought would help me explain my topic today. In the middle of the story, Eliath feels worthless in the world. Her best friend is gone, her parents are dead, and she’s feeling hopeless and worth absolutely nothing. Calathiel tries to comfort her, but Eliath doesn’t want to believe that she really could be more than nothing. She really feels defeated. Here’s an excerpt:

“Eliath.” I turned around abruptly. Calathiel was standing there, hands folded on her chest. I turned back toward the sun. “Beautiful morning, isn’t it?” she inquired. “Indeed,” I replied. “I never get up this early and I barely heard you leave camp,” she said, rather sleepily. I muttered another “mm” and kept watching the sun ascend into the sky. “Why are you troubled?” she asked. I turned and looked into her face, wondering what to say next. I decided that it was hard to look at her and find an answer, so I looked back towards the sun. “Why shouldn’t I be troubled?” I asked. “My best friend is gone, my Ada and Emel are dead, and I may never see either of them again. I am alone in the world – no one else but I.” She stumbled for things to say and before she could, Aragorn called to us. I ran down the hill and soon after Calathiel walked down.

-Excerpt from Eliath Part 2 of the Story that we haven’t given a title yet 😛

This piece really gave me a good way to start this post – especially with my annoying BPS. Hence not posting in like FOREVER. Ahem.

So, my main point here is that the same state that Eliath was in in our story is the same way everyone feels at least once in their life. I’ve felt it, you’ve probably felt it, and people you know have probably felt it, too. We feel worthless at times for our misdeeds or mistakes. I know I have like, for sure!

It’s all about our dignity in Christ.

One of the scriptures that I read about dignity was this:


Dignity in who we are is extremely important as daughters of Christ. In fact, I recently finished reading the novel Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand about Louis Zamperini the great Olympic runner and American POW. In the text, Hillenbrand discusses the main target the Japanese and Nazis put on their POW’s and Jewish prisoners in war camps: dignity. Nazis shaved women’s heads, Japanese starved POW’s and made them do humiliating things while officers laughed. It was simple: strip victims of their dignity and strip them of their humanity.

The Japanese understood how significant dignity was to our humanity. It gives us the confidence in ourselves – it allows us to know who we are.

Dignity is a gift from God himself.

Christ gives us dignity so we can know who we are when we’re in the midst of beautiful girls our own age that look us up and down with faces of disgust. So we can know who we are when we have to give truth and are a little embarrassed to do so. So we can know who we are when everyone else thinks we’re “weird.” Am I right?

Now don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t feel like top dogs and walk around with our noses in the air. I don’t mean that :). What I mean is, we can have the humility to understand our place in the Kingdom of God and remember who’s got our back. So we can walk with dignity knowing that we are daughters of the Most High God.

We know who God has made us to be, so we can laugh at the days to come. We know that our value is great. Therefore, shouldn’t we be exhilarated at that thought? I know I am!

So, that’s the next part of our story (what do you think, Elle 😀 ). Where Eliath realizes that she is worth more than gold (I love you Britt Nicole 🙂 ). She is no longer afraid to rescue her best friend and she is ready for anything. She knows who she is. Just like we’re all learning our place in the Kingdom! Jesus has special plans for us – just wait and see.

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

– John 15:15


Emily Greenleaf 😛

P.S. I know this post wasn’t super long, but I really felt God pushing me to write this as soon as I read it this morning. Plus, I got some heat from the enemy as my wifi was out for like 2 whole hours after I started writing it! And, I came down with a case of BPS. But, God always has a way of getting his point across to me and maybe one of you guys out there. I know I needed this just as much as anyone of you. Every time I write a post it seems to be mostly for me than it is for anyone else. That’s a lesson I’ve learned big time! Adios, gang. Until we meet again!

2 thoughts on “Laugh at the Days to Come

  1. Emily, that was great! Keep standing strong on God’s Word kiddo! That’s all you’ll ever need!!! 🙂 Live your day sweet P dancing with the Father in His peace, love and Joy! Love well… I love you to the moon and back!

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