Wherein Emily Discusses *Finally* Finishing Downton Abbey and Her Upcoming 1920s Cosplay Scheme

You’re a woman with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do.

The Dowager Countess

Okay, I’ll stop whining about the fact that there’s no more Downton for me to watch.

I’ll do something.

That something is to write a blog post!

I have been watching Downton Abbey for two. whole. years.

That’s a long time.

And just this last Sunday, I watched the very last episode of the entire show. And boy, have my opinions of characters drastically changed for the better and for the worse.

I usually post about literary, theological, and profound truths that really speak to my soul.

But today, I’m gonna write something rambly.



Never mind.

The point is, this post will probably be something of a silly (spoiler-filled) ramble. But, if you like Downton Abbey, it should be a very enjoyable ramble to read. I don’t expect to get too philosophical, but I probably will because it is my nature. I’m quite the philosopher.

Nevertheless, I felt like I should discuss the most wonderful things and the most not-so-wonderful things (which may include characters or story arcs) about Downton, leading up to a glorious conclusion as to why I am forever a Downtonian.

Let’s begin, then, shall we?

Oh, and don’t forget I’m letting you all in on a couple sneak peeks regarding my upcoming 1920s costuming scheme in which I shall try in all my modern plainness to imitate the glory of the Granthams to the best of my ability.

…Glory of the Granthams?

That should be on a t-shirt. Better still, a hashtag. That’s my new hashtag. I’m claiming it. It started here. It’s my own little baby hashtag. It shall grow.


Ooh. That is good.

Ah. I digress.

My reasons for loving Downton are simple. I have never been a soap-opera-watcher, but this is one I watched until the end. The acting was fantastic (with the exception of the unbelievable Bates and his ever-depressed wife Anna), the music was magical, the time-period was perfect, the writing was delectable, and the characters especially were so loveable. Except for the few that were real sticklers, but they made the show interesting and aroused much needed emotion. But even they were loveable characters as the show went on. After a while, I was actually interested and genuinely wanted to know what would happen to Mary, Thomas the evil butler, Denker, or Miss O’Brien.

But what made it such a good show was that once you got to know the characters, they faced challenges. Incredibly human challenges. They don’t always triumph over their temptations, and scandals abound. It’s fun to follow the plot’s twists and turns. Nevertheless, the victory they finally achieve is so savory.

The more you watch these characters, the more you love them, the more you root for them, and the more you can’t stop watching. Even through some sticky spots where the plot isn’t as exciting as the few episodes before it, you just keep watching because of how much you love the characters.

The storytelling is what makes Downton so good. The only subplots I never really enjoyed were those revolving around Bates and Anna…who were never really sympathetic characters to me.

I will also say I did not really appreciate the gay subplots with Thomas Barrow, but I still love Barrow’s character. In fact, despite him being one the slimiest, most cunning, most evil character, he is, quite simply, one of my favorites.

And, naturally, Downton is a favorite series of mine because of the period it’s set in, the costumes the characters wear, the house they live in, and the accents they speak in. I say accent(s) because Tom is Irish.

And the Dowager is probably the best character on the show. She’s Captain Sassy.


I got introduced to the show after I had heard some great things about it from one of my mentors, Joy Clarkson and her mama Sally Clarkson. My whole family was up for the idea of taking on a new show, but my mom and I were the ones who really pushed for it. (Completely relevant sidenote: remember, family, you owe me for bringing the lovely Downton and the incredible Sherlock into all of your lives). 😎

**Favorite Moments

Hard to figure. There’s so many to queue up.

Definitely when Mary finally accepted Matthew.

I love them together so much.

Aren’t they just so beautiful?

I actually am not a fan of her and Henry Talbot. I’m sorry. I don’t like Talbot. After Matthew died, I just started really disliking Mary as a character, and I wish she would have never met Henry Talbot. A race car driver? Seriously? Okay, sorry. That was a ramble.

Matthew was just so perfect with her, and they still are my favorite Downton couple. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE SHOW, DAN??? WHY???


Second moment: when Lady Edith finally found love! I love Bertie Pelham so so so much. I love them together!

When Carson and Mrs. Hughes got married ❤

When Lady Sybil walked in wearing harem pants. She was so proud of herself, and I was clapping and squealing the entire scene. The Dowager’s face was priceless.

My last favorite moment: when Lady Edith yelled at Lady Mary and called her a very bad name. I know. I’m so mean. But I honestly always wanted Mary to get an insane scolding since season one.

Sorry, Mary.

**Favorite Character(s)

I might as well end by nodding at my favorite characters.

It was really hard to pick “favorite” characters from this show, because they are all. so. good.

But, I have narrowed it down to my top three:

The Dowager Countess, Mrs. Hughes, and Lady Sybil.

The Dowager Countess because she’s old and sassy, Mrs. Hughes because she keeps everyone in line downstairs but does so with the most delicate and ladylike tactics, and Lady Sybil because she was the sweetest soul on earth and an advocate of woman’s rights and didn’t deserve to die after giving birth in series three and broke my heart and I AM STILL TRAUMATIZED OVER THE SCENE WHERE SHE DIED.

My little sunshine baby Sybil. Oh, my heart! 😥

No, Lady Mary did not make the list. She ticked me off in season 6 despite my loving her through seasons 1, 2, and 3. After Matthew died, she just turned back into the snobby, suitor-teasing, arrogant woman again. I was heartily disappointed. Why, Mary? Why?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love saucy Lady Mary, she’s just not my favorite and I found her super annoying when she started playing around with suitors again after Matthew died. She was a favorite of mine, but not so much anymore.

Speaking of, I know I announced my Downton cosplay as a Lady Mary imitation, but I’m switching that up since I ended up not really loving her as much.

With that said, let’s get on to the cosplay sneak peek I hinted at.

I’ll become transformed into Lady Emily Crawley. Ooh, that does have a nice ring to it?

I bought a dress off of this online store called Retro-Stage which sells some awesome 20s and 50s styles. I bought a $40 (BARGAIN ALERT) dress that looks a lot like the evening dresses that the Crawley sisters wear during the dinner parties.

I ordered an XS, and the dress fit my bust, waist, and hip measurements perfectly. I’ll probably need to wear a modern day version of a corset, though, because it’s that kind of dress. I do have to alter it a bit just because I’m only 5’3, it’s kind of a long dress and drags around on the floor.

It did ship from China, so it took a while to get here. I can honestly say that it was totally worth it. The dress is super comfortable, does not itch, and every time I look at myself in the mirror, I really do feel like I’d fit in at Downton. It is that realistic.

My next step on the agenda is to gather my many accessories. Oh yes, you can bet I’ll be wearing elbow-length gloves, a long necklace, and maybe sport some 20s vintage heels. This will definitely be happening after my Europe trip, and I hope to shoot some pretty pictures at the local Botanical Garden.

Anyway, there’s my sneak peek, friends! What do you think? Oh, and what did you think of my Downton ramble? Have you seen Downton? Are you as fond of the show as yours truly?


Emily 🙂

P.S. Remember to share the #gloryofthegranthams 😉

P.P.S. For feels’ sake:

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