Ankündigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

Good morning, beautiful friends!

How are we all today?

I have been doing some reevaluting and reconstructing this week, and it’s been absolutely lovely.

2020 has been a year, hasn’t it? Goodness, I am coming to the conclusion that no one who lives through 2020 will ever forget it for as long as they live.

We are definitely living through some history-making moments. In that way, then, it’s quite an honor to be chosen as one of the humans to live throuh 2020. We’re like romantic heroines (or heroes, if males read this blog) in a gothic novel, toiling away over the ravages of the decade, the illnesses, the bad politics, the moral injustices, and the delicate moments happening in our own families.

I’m an unashamed romantic, and I’m not too embarrassed to realize it.


I will admit to struggling in the recent weeks to juggle writing, school, and work. I’m doing eighteen units of summer classes this year (American Realism and Naturalism is turning out to be very interesting), I’m starting lessons with a new German tutor (*bites nails in nervousness*), my fanfiction novel is in desperate need of editing (and finishing, because we are only A MERE FIVE CHAPTERS OR SO FROM FINISHING, FRIENDS), and I’m trying to finish Schindler’s List which is quite simply one of my favorite books of 2020.


With that being said, I have decided woefully to take a blogging hiatus for the month of July.

Alas, I know what this means, and that I will not be bringing all of you lovelies brand new content each Monday, but for my mental sanity and wellbeing, I have decided I just need a month’s hiatus.

There’s a lot of other things that need my attention right now apart from blogging, so I’m going to need to put this on the backburner for a month.

Here’s what I’ll be working on during July:

  • The Emotional Children
    • Let me be real: This baby needs some love. I spent a few hours on it today just getting back into the groove of things. The last two weeks have had me pressed so hard with school and those naughty final exams and end-of-term papers for the first term of summer studies, so my fanfiction had to be the least of my troubles. BUT NOW. I am immersed in week two of the second term and I am managing my time as best as I can, and am dedicating an hour of writing for this baby every night of the week. To any of my fanfiction readers reading this post right now, I love you, thank you for your support. Let’s get this baby finished for the Watty’s 2020! Hopefully entering this before the deadline in September. Constructive criticism welcomed and much appreciated.
    • Please do go and check it out on Wattpad, AO3, or, as it’s been waaaaay more popular than I ever had imagined it would be, has garnered tons of encouraging feedback from hungry readers, and actually has become one of my proudest works of creative fiction. Planning on sending it in to the Watty’s 2020 Fanfiction Awards this year, so I will keep you updated on progress for that. 😉
  • ENGL 341 Research Papers
    • Huck Finn, Kate Chopin, and all the great American authors. We don’t need to go into this. Y’all know what I get up to with my College Stuff™.
  • WRIT 201 Short Stories and Poems
    • Yep, I’m taking a creative writing elective this term and it is GREAAAT already. I am so happy with the textbooks and methods we’re learning. Super fun. This class is gonna be a breeze. I hope. *dies*
    • Ja, so, du weißt dass ich eine student der Deustche sprache bin. Ich möchte Deutsch lernen, und am Ende das Jahres zu einer LANGEN Unterhaltung in Deutsch haben. Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt jetzt, aber ich lerne. Ich habe eine neue Lehrerin der mir hilft, aber ich habe VIELEN ANGST FÜR DAS. So, ja. Danke dass du meinen Angst zuhörst.
    • P.S. Much prayers would be appreciated! I’m looking forward to starting with my new German tutor via Skype on Wednesday of this week, but also incredibly nervous. I’ve been self-teaching myself with curriculum for the last two to threeish years (I know, I’m such a homeschooler), and while my European German-speaking friends tell me I have a good accent and good grasp of the tongue, there’s still that nagging thought in the back of my head of “they’re-just-friends-so-they’re-just-trying-to-be-nice.” Sorry, Ami and Ioan—*coughs in Scheiße*
    • To be real, German makes me go like dis:
    • *blows horn*
    • Yes indeedy, and this one is quite similar to my Sherlock fanfiction in that it is a mystery. A *changes voice* murder mystery. That’s all I shall say for now, and to those of you who know what this is all about, I AM SO EXCITED AND THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SHARE THIS WITH YOU.


That’s what’s cooking in July, my peeps. I’m going to be busying myself with beautiful things, spending summer with my lovely family, and making sure I remind myself of what rest and silence are, and taking a break from a lot of things that stress me out.

One of which happens to be the weekly post I put out. I just need a break. That’s all, my dudes.

Thank you all for your grace and understanding. I look forward to coming back to you all on the first Monday of August.

Happy Summer!

Emily 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ankündigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

  1. Taking a break from my own blog during the month of June was one of the best things I’ve done all year. Not having the additional pressure of writing new content not only helped me focus on my own stories, but I didn’t have to try and find time for it during the whirlwind of Real Life! So ENJOY your hiatus, dear friend. If my own experience has been any indication, you’ll come back to your blog with renewed enthusiasm come August 😉

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