Introducing My Etsy Shop: Historia Fantaisie

Happy almost end of summer to the beautiful ladies and gents still reading my blog!

I have been in Austria this last week, enjoying the sun and the mountains and the schnitzel and the strudel. It’s been a delight, and I do plan on writing about it in the coming month.

I got lost in Vienna’s immaculate Kunsthistorisches (art history) Museum, rode in a horse drawn carriage, frolicked around the alps, and prided myself for conducting an entirely German conversation with an old Austrian woman in an H&M about creaky stairs in old houses.

Alas, I digress. I shall say more about Austria very soon.

Today, I’ve come with a new presentation: a little shop.

But first! an anecdote.

Earlier this year, I retreated very often into my writing as a way to keep myself sane and valuable. While still writing prose and working on projects for potential publication, I spent a bit of time writing self-inserts. Specifically: I wrote myself into history. I donned the habits of a historic woman and created alternate worlds to escape in when the constant battering of professors and chiding glances of classmates grew to be too much. I mingled with figures of the past and had adventures in times long gone.

I’ll spare you the details of my historic-fictional adventures, but my experiences writing (and reading) myself into such tales made me pregnant with a rather fascinating idea.

Wouldn’t others like to read about themselves having adventures in history?

Why couldn’t I be the one to write them into a historic adventure of their own?

Why couldn’t I write someone into a short story with their favorite historical figure?

And now we’ve come to the crux of it: the birth of my Etsy shop.

The name of my shop, Historia Fantaisie, is a blend of the Latin word for history and the French word for fantasy (namely I thought of it while meditating on Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu). I rather like the way it sounds, and I’ve officially started it on Etsy!

I think it looks rather pretty. With the help of a few Canva templates and my own brainstorming, I brought this beauty to life.

Currently, I have three listings, but I expect to add more as I get more ideas.

  1. A short story featuring you and a historical figure
  2. A short story featuring you and a mythological figure
  3. A letter from a historical figure

For the short stories, I charge $20/per page of single spaced, twelve-point Times New Roman font, where one page is approximately 500-750 words (As an example: a two page story I recently wrote for a client came out to be 1,166 words, and a recent twenty page story I wrote for a client maxed out at 11,546 words).

I’ll write my clients into an interaction/short story (depending on the length) with any historical figure or mythological figure of their choice, and—as it did for me—I would love to make anyone’s dream come true in my creative writing!

Whether it’s reading a novel with Brontë by the fireside, playing a duet with Beethoven, ruling the Olympians with Zeus, or greeting your beloved Cleopatra with a kiss, I’ll gladly write the story of your dreams.

I have already disclosed that I will not write erotica, but I will be more than willing to write romance as well as sensual fade-to-black encounters upon request from clients.

Above all, Historia Fantaisie is an opportunity for me to write beautiful things for readers looking to see themselves in history or mythology as the triumphant people they are. It’s an opportunity to get lost in one’s own story; to see oneself in alternate worlds and put reality on hold for a few moments.

Currently, my little shop has a five star rating, and I would love to continue serving up five star stories for my clients, which could include you!

If you would like to commission a story from me, I’d be delighted to assist. Head on over to my Etsy shop here, and I’d love to work with you to create the perfect story, and thus fulfill your historical or mythological dream.

Write yourself into a story!

Emily x

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