Current Books (and If They’re Any Good)

Currently, I read way more books than I probably should, but with the exception of college textbooks, here’s a list of the current books I’ve stuck my nose in. 🙂

To start, I am reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. It’s a story of young Margaret Hale, the daughter of a preacher in the church of England who has had to leave his parish because he no longer agrees with church teaching. Forced to move to the industrial town of Milton, Margaret learns to adjust to the new oddities of Milton’s society and forms a “tempestuous” relationship with the mill-owner John Thornton, who loves her deeply. I haven’t ventured too far into the book yet, but I’m far enough in to say that I’m in love with it. Wonderful story!

I have been quite taken with Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson. It’s a delicious read about how books shape the worldview of women of all ages. How books begin to shape females as children and up until adulthood. It’s a wonderful book about books (which are oftentimes some of the best), and it has constantly reminded me of why I read good stories as a Christian. It reminds me what literature does for my soul as a female. I am loving it, and I encourage you to pick it up if you’re looking for a good read! You can visit Sarah’s blog HERE (

I am also listening to the audio book for The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It is a reading of it, not an audio drama, and I’m only on chapter eleven. It is a literary masterpiece, and I cannot wait to do a post on it. Dantes is one of my newest literary heroes next to Henry V and Harry Potter, and I am so anxious to discover what happens to him on this path of crooked justice he follows. Great book!

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