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I decided to add a page consisting of four current songs/pieces/scores that I’m currently in love with. I believe music is supplemental to the soul and completely essential to our existence. To live without music…well…I simply do not want to think on that.

So, without further adieu, here are three songs you’ll probably find me listening to (in four genres)…I’ll be updating this every two weeks to a month 🙂


“In the Hall of the Mountain King” was written by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and it actually was composed to go along with an allegorical Norwegian folktale written by Henrik Ibsen called “Peer Gynt.” Peer Gynt, the protagonist (and anti-hero) of the story, while in the mountains is captured by trolls and taken prisoner in the hall of the mountain king (“Peer Gynt”). As you follow the song, you can hear the secretiveness of Peer as he tries to escape the trolls. Then, as the song nears its conclusion, you can hear the anxiety and crescendo of a chase. It’s a truly delightful song!


“Who You Really Are” is one of my favorite tracks in the entire four seasons of Sherlock score (along with “SHERlocked” and “Who I Want to Be”). Written by David Arnold and Michael Price, the song closes the entire show on a more than spectacular note. It connects Sherlock’s heart to Eurus’s (which nearly made me cry), it reminds us of Mary’s influence, and it upholds the overall message the drama communicates: who you really are doesn’t matter. All that matters is the impact you make, the stories you leave behind, and the love you give.

Contemporary Christian:

I love this song for the one reason it exists: Jesus. The song simply dwells on how good Jesus is and how wonderful He is. There is no darkness in Him, and the darkness flees from Him because He is so wonderful. The shadows cannot deny His light. Nothing can run from Jesus, not me, not you, not anyone or anything. And when we just sing His name and feel His presence, we tremble along with the rest of creation. It’s a truly beautiful song, and I hope you love it as much as I do!


I cannot completely say that I’m an Imagine Dragons fan, because this is only one of two or three of their songs that I’ve actually listened to in full. Honestly, though, I cannot (and I mean CANNOT) get enough of this song. The beat is so irresistible, the lyrics are incredibly inspirational, and the chorus is probably one of my favorites. The message of the song, though (the most important part), is what made me love it. Without pain, we are nobody. Without pain, we do not have our loves, our lives, and even our faith. While I understand this song was written by Dan Reynolds—who is a Mormon—the truth still applies to me as a Christian: I am not who I am today and I am not who I am in Christ today without the pain I’ve gone through. I hope I can get you hooked on this song, too! 🙂

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