In Praise of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

What's going on, friends? *exhales* I'm finally doing it! I've been wanting to write about Dracula ever since I finished reading it at the end of last year. The story captivated me, and I have been dying to share it with you all. It caught me by surprise and was so much more than I could ever … Continue reading In Praise of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The Mystery Blogger Award

Guten tag, friends! *exhales* I am exhausted. I have taken on more hours at work, decided to transfer to the online division of my university due to my lovely friend COVID, and have scarce had the chance to write, read, or study my beloved German. My brain has found itself addled beyond belief, and now, … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

Halloween Creatures Book Tag 2.0

Hi everyone! I was nominated for a book tag recently. Well... Alright, I wasn't technically "nominated," but Jessica at The Bookworm Chronicles invited everyone who read her post to join in, I am. This is such a fun tag that I couldn't resist, especially since its October and "things that go bump in the … Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag 2.0