My Oxford Scholastica Summer: Classes, Castles, and (lots of) Coffee

Well, it seems that after my Mystery Blogger Award post, a few of you showed interest in hearing about my two weeks abroad at Oxford University last summer. I was hoping you would, as I have been meaning to write about my studies and adventures for a while now. This post ought to get the … Continue reading My Oxford Scholastica Summer: Classes, Castles, and (lots of) Coffee

I Shall Not Want

I bit my lip. I squirmed uncomfortably. I sighed. I knew no one else sitting in the chairs knew what my heart was feeling. But I did, and therefore I wanted to run and hide in a hole from the truth in my heart. What made me feel violently compelled to shrink away from my … Continue reading I Shall Not Want

Summer 2016 and Lessons Learned

Hey guys! So, I know y'all are probably a bit grumpy with moi for not posting in like forever - but seriously. Haven't you guys been having a heck of a good summer, too? Well, I have and I'm super excited for the rest. This fall I start BIOLOGY!!! And, I finally get frozen specimens to … Continue reading Summer 2016 and Lessons Learned