Story Spotlight Post: Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus”

My beautiful friends! How art thou? How goest thou October? I have been having a rather enjoyable time of things myself, albeit an exhausting, mind-bending, altogether insane one (what with the mess of school and all). But, in other news, I got bangs, so that made me happy: Still not sure if I'll do it … Continue reading Story Spotlight Post: Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus”

A Jotun’s Heart

Good afternoon, friends. I've had such a lackadaisical week that it's almost funny. I had two college classes start, but I took those bulls by their horns and finished up the assignments so that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday would be completely free of homework. I've been watching Marvel movies with my parents practically … Continue reading A Jotun’s Heart