Only Young Once

I sat in my bed, listening to the raindrops pummel softly against the window. It never rains hard where I live, but every now and then the soothing sound of rain comes to lull me off to sleep. But not this night. This night I was troubled. My heart was in turmoil within me. If … Continue reading Only Young Once

Marvel Meanderings: Why the MCU Means so Much to Me

Good morning, friends! Today I'm going a little off of my usual topics and am planning on diving in to one of my favorite but hitherto unexplored loves: Marvel. I remember the first time my parents suggested watching The Avengers when I was twelve years old. To a girl who had always found superhero movies boring … Continue reading Marvel Meanderings: Why the MCU Means so Much to Me

Understanding the Hero Within

"All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players." William Shakespeare Hi there, friends! So, I'm officially certain that this was the looooongest time I've been away from my blog, but now summer is here, and I sort of have more time (still some classes going on). I feel like I've been … Continue reading Understanding the Hero Within