Learning to Listen

Hey all! This is a beautiful post written by my favorite blogger Joy Clarkson AKA Joyness the Brave. Joy, this was such a beautiful post! I’m grateful to you for writing it! It’s a wonderful view that I totally agree with about the event that happened Thursday at a protest in Dallas. Thank you, Joy! I do believe I owe you a blog post 🙂 . Best wishes to you and all of your family! @joynessthebrave . Also, for this post: enjoy. This message from Joy is one that must reach millions! I’m starting here. 🙂

Joyness the Brave


When I was in fifth grade, my mother read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (Taylor, 1976)out loud to me. It was about a little girl, like me. She had gangly, mischievous brothers, like me. She had a mama who loved her and worried about her, just like me. The author even lives in Colorado, like me! But there was a difference: she was black. As a ten year old, I didn’t know why this should make a difference. I had heard words like “racism” and “slavery,” but, to me, they were articles of history, things that passed with the abolition of the slave trade and Martin Luther King Junior. Thank goodness we were past such primal sins! Could life be so very different for Cassie simply because of her skin color?

As I read, my eyes were opened to a thousand little ways that life was frustrated by…

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