Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot 2016

Ahhh, peeps. Soak it up, 'cause here it is! I finally got to it: The Official Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot. The tutorial will be released in a few days/next week, so be prepared for more awesomeness. Other than that, soak up these photos, people. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too! P.S. I couldn't use my arrows for … Continue reading Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot 2016

Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Hey guys! So, I finally got started on my Legolas cosplay photoshoot, but I forgot that I need my elf ears! Soooo, while I wait on those, here's a sneak peek to hold you over:   Until we next meet, my friends 🙂 And yes, maybe I'm a brunette Legolas; so what? Brown would've looked … Continue reading Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot Sneak Peek