Summer 2022: Mountains, Myths, and Middle-Earth

Hallo, my dears! I've been out of school for a whole two months now, and the time I've had free of homework and seminar papers and reading assignments and peer review has been especially glorious. I finished the semester strong with two term papers, my favorite of which was an analysis of Kantian aesthetics in … Continue reading Summer 2022: Mountains, Myths, and Middle-Earth

Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot 2016

Ahhh, peeps. Soak it up, 'cause here it is! I finally got to it: The Official Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot. The tutorial will be released in a few days/next week, so be prepared for more awesomeness. Other than that, soak up these photos, people. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too! P.S. I couldn't use my arrows for … Continue reading Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot 2016

The Awe-Inspiring Book Tag

Hi, everyone! I have created a book tag with some bookish questions. And bookish is a word in case you were wondering XD . But, before we begin, I wanted to tell everyone about my new YouTube videos I uploaded to this blog on the post 2016 Summer and Lessons Learned. I actually uploaded the Lauren Daigle … Continue reading The Awe-Inspiring Book Tag