Decompression Week: Trying to Eliminate “Hurry”

Good morning, lovely friends. I don't, as you can probably tell, have a long blog post planned for us this Monday. Until Friday, as a matter of fact, I'm taking a hiatus from all kind of technological matter. I'm not texting, I'm not Snapping, I'm not (this one was the worst) browsing on YouTube for … Continue reading Decompression Week: Trying to Eliminate “Hurry”

The Prayers of a Heart that Hurts

  Guten tag, meine Freunde. 🙂 I hope you find yourselves well at this very eerie point in history in which we witness the coronavirus pandemic sweep the globe. Is it not odd? Does it not feel a bit apocalyptic? Dystopian, even? Just a bit? In my corner of the world, I'm currently not leaving … Continue reading The Prayers of a Heart that Hurts

When God Speaks

The cards couldn't have come at a better time to match my circumstances. The day had been a tearful one, and I sat sighing and sobbing in my over sized lime green moon chair. I usually talk out loud to God, but on that day I felt like a lunatic - talking to nothing but … Continue reading When God Speaks