My Return to Civilization and Blogger-dom (feat. Andrew Scott gifs)

Well, hello there, my lovely friends! I have returned to the interwebz! It's been too long since I used the intimidating graphics interchange format (.gif) images of my precious, psychopathic boi. 🙂 I sure missed writing for you all, but this month flew by so rapidly, and I needed the time off. Thank you all … Continue reading My Return to Civilization and Blogger-dom (feat. Andrew Scott gifs)

AnkĂĽndigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

Good morning, beautiful friends! How are we all today? I have been doing some reevaluting and reconstructing this week, and it's been absolutely lovely. 2020 has been a year, hasn't it? Goodness, I am coming to the conclusion that no one who lives through 2020 will ever forget it for as long as they live. … Continue reading AnkĂĽndigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

From an “It” to a “Soul”

My head throbs. It slumps toward the table. I jerk back, eyes shooting open. I look at the time. Seven thirty reads the clock at the tiny right hand corner of my computer. The sun's descent begins to take its toll on this busy student. Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca from his Eleventh Sonata in A … Continue reading From an “It” to a “Soul”

Summer 2016 and Lessons Learned

Hey guys! So, I know y'all are probably a bit grumpy with moi for not posting in like forever - but seriously. Haven't you guys been having a heck of a good summer, too? Well, I have and I'm super excited for the rest. This fall I start BIOLOGY!!! And, I finally get frozen specimens to … Continue reading Summer 2016 and Lessons Learned