“College is a Tale Told by an Idiot:” Random Thoughts on Graduating University

What ho, chaps? Boy oh boy, am I writing from a jubilant position today. There have been many victorious moments in my life, but few so triumphant as what occurred this past Thursday evening. I finished my bachelor's degree program. As in, I graduated university for the first time and officially have a bachelor of … Continue reading “College is a Tale Told by an Idiot:” Random Thoughts on Graduating University

Ankündigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

Good morning, beautiful friends! How are we all today? I have been doing some reevaluting and reconstructing this week, and it's been absolutely lovely. 2020 has been a year, hasn't it? Goodness, I am coming to the conclusion that no one who lives through 2020 will ever forget it for as long as they live. … Continue reading Ankündigung! (Announcement): July 2020 Blog Hiatus

The Mystery Blogger Award

Guten tag, friends! *exhales* I am exhausted. I have taken on more hours at work, decided to transfer to the online division of my university due to my lovely friend COVID, and have scarce had the chance to write, read, or study my beloved German. My brain has found itself addled beyond belief, and now, … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

The “Never Have I Ever” Writing Tag

Guten tag, friends! A lot of things have been going on lately, and despite my taking a break off of uni, I'm working pretty much full time, working hard at my German and employing my dear Swiss and Austrian friends to assist me with international WhatsApp calls (*a thousand thanks to you lovelies*), writing my … Continue reading The “Never Have I Ever” Writing Tag

“So We Built the Wall”

Have you ever had a tremendous idea? No, not the kind that is practical or realistic, in case you were wondering. I thought I'd stop you right there. No, I mean the kind of idea that was enormous and insane. Maybe even silly or unrealistic. A big dream. The kind where when you share it … Continue reading “So We Built the Wall”