Literature Spotlight: Shakespeare’s “Henry V”

Canterbury: The king is full of grace and fair regard. Ely: And a true lover of the holy Church. Canterbury: The courses of his youth promised it not. The breath no sooner left his father's body But that his wildness, mortified in him, Seemed to die too; yea, at that very moment Consideration like an... Continue Reading →


Book Spotlight: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hullo, my friends! As predicted, I have recently finished the fifth installment in the Harry Potter book series:¬†Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Wow. Honestly, all I can really say after reading this book is just wow. But, not to worry! I won't limit this delicious opportunity to dissect and analyze a book... Continue Reading →

“So We Built the Wall”

Have you ever had a tremendous idea? No, not the kind that is practical or realistic, in case you were wondering. I thought I'd stop you right there. No, I mean the kind of idea that was enormous and insane. Maybe even silly or unrealistic. A big dream. The kind where when you share it... Continue Reading →

A Jotun’s Heart

Good afternoon, friends. I've had such a lackadaisical week that it's almost funny. I had two college classes start, but I took those bulls by their horns and finished up the assignments so that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday would be completely free of homework. I've been watching Marvel movies with my parents practically... Continue Reading →

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