Carried on to Completion

One of the last few sunsets we beheld at our property in Colorado.

I first came to Colorado when I was eight years old; in actuality I was three months from being nine. My sister was six going on seven in August of 2011. Colorado has taught me so many lessons and loves that I shall never forget it. This post is a farewell to Colorado and a hello to a new world. A post about how Christ has used Colorado to impact my life for Him and why Colorado has found a place in my heart to call home. This post is to Colorado, to the mountains, and to the snow.

Colorado, how I love thee.

Your crisp fall mornings and winter snows. Your leaves of fall clothed in magnificent bronze, swaying gently in the autumn breeze. The drives through the winter wind, snowflakes drifting lazily down from above. The summer sun, blazing yellow, shining upon my skin and warming my soul. The spring blossoms, wildflowers of every color bursting forth and adding character to an open grassy field.

Colorado, how I love thee.

My brothers were birthed to life in your cold mountain air. You have brought them into my life and brightened my spirits with their joyful laughs and rambunctious playfulness. The ties with my sister you have braided into a three-fold cord. You have strengthened our relationship and given us freer moments together. My parents you have knit even tighter together and have shown me submission and obedience like never before. You have given me an even greater love an appreciation for them that is indescribable. All of us have loved you and none of us shall forget you.

Colorado, how I love thee.

The hunger for Christ—the desperate need—you have awakened in me. My equestrian passion you brought forth in my soul and the creative spirit of cosplay you have ignited. The pianist in me you have unlocked; the love for music you have divulged.

Colorado, how I love thee.

The strings you have knit in my family are strong. The lessons you have taught me about friends and family. Alas, the lessons I have learned are many—I shall not easily forget them.

Colorado, how I praise God for thee.

God has given to me the gift of Colorado—to learn from and love, to cherish and remember. God has given me Colorado to teach me lessons; lessons both rudimentary and cumbersome.

Colorado, how I shall miss thee. I bid thee a Last Goodbye.

But I shall not mourn forever. I say hello to my new world. I am leaving behind my old life and looking on ahead. I am ready to advance, to sojourn. I laugh at the days to come and my heart skips as I prepare for a new life…a new start. Indeed, I shall be a strange girl in a strange land, but I shall know who I am and shan’t forget it. I’m going on an adventure.

Until we meet again,

Emily 🙂

I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

– Philippians 1:6

I believe it. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Carried on to Completion

  1. My sweet Emmy!! You have grown into a beautiful young lady. You’re gorgeous inside and out. Your strength has come from the Lord above and I know as a young girl you’ve had many heartaches but you’ve always kept your eyes, always you have, on Jesus. Now you see, as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus – truth will always stand and conquer. You’re allowing Jesus to turn you into an amazing butterfly! Keep pressing forward in Spirit and Truth because Jesus’ plans for you are glorious because you give Him glory! I love you and I’m SO proud of you. You have a heart of Gold. You’re my heart string – you’re woven in my soul, my heart and I praise Jesus for creating you and honoring me as your mom. Life isn’t easy, but keep on taking just that one step in Christ and it’ll continue to carry you on to mountains and valleys of Godly treasures! Your momma loves you!! 😙

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Mom! Your words are so wise their encouragements mean so much to me!! I know that we can make this move together and I can’t wait to grow even closer to you as I mature into a woman. I love you so mcuch

  2. Oh my Little E! Thank you for expressing your heart about Colorado, it helps me feel honored to have lived in such beauty. Your words were painted with perfection. Great post Emily.


    1. Gosh, Dad, thanks so much! Your words mean a lot to me. You and Ma are such motivations to me and I am so grateful to you both! You are such an awesome Dad and I couldn’t ask for another that’s better…cause there’s just not…you rock and I love you!

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