A Joshua 1:9 Day

Hello, World! Today I have a tremendous account for you to reflect on and that I hope you find it encouraging. On Monday, January 22nd, I went to the barn to work out my horse: Sunny. I was confident, proud, and ready to establish a relationship and authority with this fifteen hundred pound animal. Sunny... Continue Reading →

A Year of Thanks

Hello! Me again. I've come back to ramble off my thoughts. I have a new topic to blog about today, thanks to my favorite blogger Joy Clarkson. She said that if anyone has a blog, vlog, or other "media sharing device," to post all the months of the year to reflect and give thanks. Which... Continue Reading →

Snow, Wind, and Wizards

Hello, world! Today I am back to my normal, enthusiastic, energetic self; considering my last two posts were quite distressing. I've noticed, so you must have. Today was very cold. January is the coldest month of winter in Colorado, so going to and fro from place to place can be hard. I had a piano... Continue Reading →

The Silver Chain Life is a silver chain, Our soul is the pendant. As a pendant, we long to look lovely and glamorous, As some do, while others become unattractive and dark. The beautiful pendant is bright and brings joy to a darkened room, While the dark pendant screams hate and strikes fear into all... Continue Reading →

To Be Perfect

I will never be a lot of things. It's the things that I strive to be that nibble at me bit by bit and smoosh my dreams and break them, like a mirror shattered into millions of tiny pieces. I try so hard to be someone I'm not, and I never focus on who I... Continue Reading →

Freeway Closure

Dear Readers, Tonight I am in a cozy hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. The day after I posted the Christmas video, I was on vacation.  We packed up and headed out to California. The ride was pretty wild. On the second day of our drive out, there was very bad winter road conditions. So, the family... Continue Reading →

Rain from Heaven

Hello World! Today is day two of the 18 hour trip home! The drive seems to be lasting an eternity, but I know I'll be home soon. The day before yesterday, while I was at Disneyland, I had a wonderful time with my family and little baby cousin Danny. As we parted ways at the... Continue Reading →

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