6 Things I Love About Christmas

My favorite time of the year is Christmas. All the family and friends, warm fires and cozy books. So, this morning I wanted to share six things that bring joy to me at Christmas time. Everyone has something to be thankful for at this time of year and something that brings one joy. I hope this post encourages you to get the most out of your Christmas season!


1. Snow

Snowy days bring family and friends to celebrate the coziness of the season!


Everyone loves snow. Snow days provides closeness with family and friends! My family and I have a sledding hill on our property and the first thing we do when the blizzard lets up is hit the slopes! We also like building snowmen and my personal snowman mentor: Olaf.


2. Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies
I can never seem to get enough of these…

The best way to brighten my day is with a delicious cookie. More specifically, a sugar cookie coated with multi-colored frosting and iced with perfection to accommodate the Christmas season. I love to be descriptive when it comes to food. After all, eating is another something that also brings me joy.

3. Decorating for Christmas

Lights just have to go up…

During Christmas time, our tradition is to put up lights on Thanksgiving. So, our lights are already up, but when we drive by our home, the lights seem to say, “Come in! Come in! Warm hugs and hot chocolate available to weary souls.” I love lights. Can’t you tell?

4. Cinnamon Rolls

Save me a roll!

Every Christmas morning, I wake up to the fresh smell of my mother’s favorite tradition: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. See, my mom is no Santa Clause. Everyone gets rolls for breakfast whether they’ve been naughty or nice (fortunately, I’ve been a good enough girl this year to get my cinnamon roll and some presents 🙂 ). Mom’s rolls always, guaranteed, for sure give me great joy.

5. Christmas Carols

Our generation has created a more modern Christmas carol, but my little sister is a huge Bing Crosby fan. Hearing awesome Christmas music is just another way to usher in the gift of Christmas. We all know it’s there, but the carols just seem to bring in a bigger feeling of Christmas really is coming (my Christmas present to all you dear readers is a classic carol I am learning to play on the piano! It should be ready by the 25th. :))


6. Jesus

Jesus is the reason for the season…

During the loud, busy, Christmas rush, we forget to hold on to why we celebrate Christmas. Why we have the Silent Night. Our ultimate gift is salvation. His love for you and me. Thank you, Jesus for coming to our world and saving us. Remember Him this Christmas and why He came.

Merry Christmas,

Emily 🙂

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